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Frequently Asked Questions 

What fits inside a Pursebox? 

Pursebox is made to accommodate popular bento style containers such as Bentgo Box, Yum Box and Planet Box and a standard size thermos.

What is the inside of a Pursebox made of? 

The inside of a Pursebox is insulated with white PEVA material. Absolutely NO harmful chemicals, or plasticizers such as PVC have been used making it completely safe to store food. 

How do I clean my Pursebox? 

Purseboxes are completely waterproof and can be easily cleaned with soap and water and rinsed. We do NOT recommend cleaning your Pursebox in the dishwasher. 

Does a Pursebox fit in a backpack? 

It will fit in a standard size backpack. The cross-body strap also makes it easy to wear along with a backpack or the strap can be removed and the Pursebox is easy to carry. 




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